Name: Janice
Age: 26
Personal: Single,Lesbian
Height: 5`6″
Weight: 130 lbs
Location: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Retail
Hobbies: reading, photography
Likes: Girly girls who like girly girls
Dislikes: People who dog ear the pages of books

Hello from the great city of Seattle, Washington! My name is Janice, I’m a carefree single lesbian looking to find the same. I’ve always known I was interested in girls and not boys and was blessed with a family who supported me. I suppose I’m what would be considered a femme, maybe bordering on high femme. I’m not shallow but I take good care of myself and think I deserve to have pretty things. That includes the girls I date.

I love all the usual girly things and like a girl who enjoys them as well. I’m not too concerned with the length or color of her hair or the color of her eyes. I just want someone who likes herself and lets it show.

I’ve always been a cat person and have just adopted the most adorable ball of fluff from the local shelter. I’m pretty happy with  where my life is at the moment, I just need someone to share it with. I like to go dancing, out to a movie and just generally have lighthearted fun.

Photography is a passion of mine and I have a lot of fun with it. I love setting up photo shoots with friends just for the joy of it. So it would be great to have a girlfriend who is not only photogenic but willing to pose for me.

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